Acne Services



We have been successfully clearing acne for over 12 years!


If you have a few annoying breakouts or very severe acne, 95% of our clients are successful with our Acne Clear-Skin Program.

We customize a treatment plan just for you with a goal to have clear skin in approximately 6 to 12 weeks (depending on your type of acne). 


Not in our area? Contact us to join our long-distance acne program with one-on-one personal consultation! 


Why are we successful at resolving acne?

Your Acne Type - Dermatologists and other acne programs treat all acne the same, but there are distinct "types" of acne that have to be treated differently, and specifically, to achieve clear skin results.​​​

We also focus on nutrition and life-style that may be triggering your breakouts, and we stay updated with the latest acne research and methods to treat your type of acne.

Customized Program - We combine the power of pharmaceutical grade home-care products​ and medical acne treatments, both customized for your type of acne to hasten the clearing of your skin.  To achieve this, we are with you every step of the way... with office assessments, email and text.

Expert Coaching - A key part of each appointment is to monitor your progress and adjust your home-care. An ongoing relationship with an expert is the quickest way to get clear. Our Clear-Skin Program "coaching" will keep you on track to acne free skin.

I have a few annoying breakouts, so do I need a full acne program?

We are flexible enough to help any situation that involves acne. Get started with our free information visit​.  











Been to a dermatologist and prescription products are not working?

We spend more time with you at each appointment to access your treatment progress than most doctors are able to. We also make your prescription products more effective by adding medical acne treatments at a fraction of the cost of a dermatologist's office.



To get real results, you need the right products with an acne specialist's guidance!


Face Reality Acne Products Colorado

Custom Skin Solutions was the first clinic in Colorado to use the Face Reality line of products.

We have the most years of experience and expertise using these products to get you clear faster than other spas and facial centers that carry this line,

Most important, we customize your own individual program balanced with our dry Colorado climate!

For our acne clients, we offer the convenience of online ordering no matter where you are!



Free Information Consultation
(30 Min)

You are invited to learn about our acne care and Clear-Skin Program​.

Our program and methods for clearing acne are customized and unique. If you have severe acne or just annoying breakouts that just won't clear, we can help.

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Acne Treatment

Our customized acne treatments are intensive; more than just an acne facial or chemical peel, we use the latest in aesthetic technology designed to get you clear the fastest way possible! If you are on our acne program, or just need an occasional treatment to keep you clear, this treatment is what you need.

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Acne Mini Treatment

This mini-acne treatment is perfect for mild or minor breakouts when a full treatment isn't necessary, or if you have a special event or "hot date' coming up, this is the treatment for you!

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Acne Assessment

Depending on the severity of your breakouts, acne treatments may not always be required. However, regular office assessments are advised to keep your treatment plan on track.​ We will examine your skin and make adjustments that will take you to the next level of getting clear.

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Initial Evaluation and Treatment

Receive your skin evaluation and first acne treatment.

Learn about your specific type of acne, treatment options and receive a customized treatment plan. We discuss key factors that can improve your acne or make your type of acne worse.   - 125

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Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

We offer treatments without harmful chemicals or ingredients that will still get you clear. Those with previously clear skin can have sudden changes during this wonderful time in your life. During your visit we will evaluate your skin and get you on a acne care plan to get you clear and stay that way. 

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"When I was pregnant I had hormonal breakouts all over my face. I felt that there was no hope since nothing could be done due to being pregnant. But that was not the case. The treatments and products that I was given were perfectly safe and my face cleared wonderfully!" - Amy J.​



Acne Scar Assessment

After you are clear, we have methods for acne scar improvement.  Set an appointment for a free consultation to evaluate your options.   Book Now