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Renew & Restore Combo Treatment

Your skin receives expert attention with this all inclusive, treatment combination of: microdermabrasion with steamed enzymes, our pore restore treatment, the ultrasonic infusion treatment, facial massage and a custom finishing mask. Also includes a complementary brow and lip wax.

This is our most popular service. We listen to your concerns, evaluate your skin, and provide “real” solutions for all skin conditions. This treatment combination is also perfect for ongoing maintenance.  -125       

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(Existing clients, see the Ultimate Microdermabrasion

The “Pore Restore” Cleansing Treatment

Using scrubs at home only go so far. Gentle waves of energy get “down under”, while eliminating clogged pores and rough skin texture on top. Water is penetrated into your pores at 28,000 times per second to flush out oil, dirt & dead skin. Includes exfoliation and a steamed enzyme mask.   -69     Book Now

Ultrasonic Infusion Treatment

Science-based ultrasonic frequencies open micro-channel pathways between skin cells to penetrate nutrients, antioxidants, and high concentrates of active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin. This treatment is very gentle and non-evasive for even the most sensitive skin. It also increases oxygen and circulation giving the skin a firm, healthy glow. Includes exfoliation and a steamed enzyme mask.  -69     Book Now

Hydrating Vitamin C Treatment

Short on time, but need great results? Exfoliates and “plumps” for a special event or perfect for quick skin maintenance. Vitamin C is a powerfulShoulderGal-large antioxidant & stimulates collagen. This “mile-high skin repair” nourishes & hydrates skin that is sensitive, rosacea, dry, sun damaged, or aging. Brightens, tightens and lightens!  -65                  (Add the Fizz VitaC Mask $75)     Book Now

Redness & Rosacea Treatment

Plagued with constant, annoying redness in the cheeks, forehead or chin area? This advanced calming treatment will smooth the skin, while reducing redness.  -75     Book Now

Mini On-The-Go Facial

In a hurry or just a fast skin “pickup”?  This 3 step mini facial will get you out the door ready for the day or evening event.  Also a great way to try us out and answer your skin care questions.  -45     Book Now

All Skin Types Welcome!

We are ethnic skin experts and have effective treatments for, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and anti-aging.

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I always purchase my skin care products here. I trust Monique’s knowledge for the best products, I have referred many friends here and they are very happy and satisfied.” – Penny M.​