Routine exfoliation is a must for slowing down aging. As we age our skin cells have trouble reaching the surface for normal sloughing (called “skin turnover’). Exfoliation with microdermabrasion and dermaplane speeds this process to reveal fresh, healthy skin naturally. Refinishes and refines troubled skin without chemicals or downtime.

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

Gently removes the skin’s outer layer without messy crystals sandblasting your skin. Our medical grade microdermabrasion machine is state of the art and uses only diamond tipped wands. Gently rejuvenates dry, sun damaged skin, smoothes fine lines over time, minimizes mild acne scarring, lightens age spots.



  • Ultimate Microdermabrasion  – Includes a steamed enzyme mask with the addition of our pore restore treatment and extractions if needed.  -85         Book Now


  • Basic Microdermabrasion – A microdermabrasion only with a steamed enzyme mask.                          -65        Book Now  

Dermaplane (Epidermal Leveling)

A similar exfoliation to microdermabrasion, but requires greater expertise and experience; also a bit more aggressive and temporarily removes facial hair. Leaves the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. Includes a steamed enzyme mask. This is a beneficial alternative to face waxing.



  • Ultimate Dermaplane – Includes a steamed enzyme mask with the addition of a light microdermabrasion, followed by our pore restore treatment and extractions if needed. The ultimate exfoliation!  -95     Book Now


  • Basic Dermaplane – A dermaplane only with a steamed enzyme mask.      -75   Book Now

Monique always does what my skin needs, including any extras that may be necessary. The best microdermabrasion in town!” – Amy C.

I waxed my face for years, but also wanted something that would be effective for anti-aging too. Since trying dermaplane at Custom Skin Solutions, I was so pleased that I have never had my face waxed again.” – Heather L.